Analysis Of A Boost DC-DC Converter With Large Conversion Ratio


Large voltage step-up can be achieved without high duty-cycle, with low voltage and current stress and without transformer   by introducing A new PWM dc-dc converter. This circuit is Incorporated an extension of the boost interleaved converter, having a multistage capacitor multiplier. For reducing the reverse recovery current of the diodes and also obtaining low turn-on and turn-off losses A simple non dissipative snubber can be used. The flexibility of the structure allows the increment of the current, voltage and power levels, using the same range of components and maintaining high efficiency, by augmentation of the number of series and parallel stages. This paper provides a theoretical investigation, and experimental examined data on a 400W example that was made and tested: 24 Vdc input, 200 Vdc output, and 40-kHz switching frequency. The theoretical predictions and the measured efficiency obtained is measured and agreed well with the equal to 95% at full load.

Keywords: PWM, Snubber, dc-dc converter.

Ravinder Singh Chauhan, Mr. Sunil Dubey

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