Impact of solar flares and geomagnetic storms on earth’s IMF and solar wind velocity during the descending phase of solar cycle 24


The Earth’s magnetosphere is the outermost layer of the solar system affecting cosmic rays from the Sun and solar wind. The solar wind has major impacts on the Earth’s magnetosphere, but it is unclear solar flares—a sudden eruption of electromagnetic radiation on the Sun. This work thus indicates that solar flare effects extend throughout the heliosphere. Generally, heliosphere described as Earth’s protective barrier against solar wind and other solar particles, as it prevents these particles from entering the planet’s other protective layers. Our aim in this paper is to investigate the impact of the solar flares and geomagnetic index to the solar wind parameters, such as solar wind velocity and the interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) Bz component, associated with solar flares and Geomagnetic storms events. The output of the ground geomagnetic field (H-component) to the solar wind parameters and the IMF Bz component various-latitude stations has also been analyzed. Our findings show that the delay of the solar wind changes in the Earth’s magnetosphere in response to the weak geomagnetic storm at the descending phase of solar cycle 24.

Keywords: – Magnetosphere, Heliosphere, Geomagnetic Storms, Solar wind, solar flares. 

Arvind Dhurve1*, Anil Kumar Saxena2, C M Tiwari3, Surendra K. Khandayat4