Teaching English in Rural India: A Tough Task


Teaching English language in India, especially in rural India, as a second language is not only difficult for teachers of English but also a tiresome task for students. While learning English, not only Indian rural students but also teachers face a lot of problems and difficulties in the class room. Although English is a popular language in India and it has also been given official status and even in some parts of India English is considered the first language yet in rural areas of India, which consists of 80% of the population, English is still considered the toughest subjects by the students and the rural Indian students suffer from English phobia. In this paper we propose to study the problems and difficulties faced by rural Indian students as well as their teachers in the class room and find out the solution to tackle those difficulties to create a favorable environment for learners and teachers.

Keywords: – Difficulties, Problems, Rural India, Solution, Teaching English.

Asghar Ali Ansari1*, Zainab Ali2