Political realities and subjugation of minority community in Rohinton Mistry’s “such a long journey”


Rohinton Mistry, a Parsi writer from the Indian diaspora who now resides in Canada, writes with a keen awareness of all forms of exploitation of society’s Minority Community. He writes about the common people and their struggles in the midst of social, political, economic, and personal turbulence. This piece of writing tries to highlight the political realities and subjugation of Minority Community in Rohinton Mistry’s well-known book “Such a Long Journey”. It takes into account the fact that a lot of contemporary Indian English novels focus on the historical description of the dominance of Minority Community. This paper would look at how Rohinton Mistry’s well-known book Such a Long Journey reproduces the methods used to portray a significant period in the history of India through the depiction of political situations of that particular time and then look at how Mistry addresses topics like inequality and struggle of Minority Community in general and Parsi Community in particular. Like all other Parsi writers, Mistry is also an integral part of the community who expresses the worries of his community facing a dominant culture. By highlighting the political issues, he exposes all hegemonic tactics used by the majority people.  People in the novel Such a Long Journey are no longer unaware of the betrayals being imposed on them; they feel betrayed by the political leaders and are no longer willing to believe in political discourse and the pitiful speeches of these politicians. Instead, a drama of deceit and fraud is being played in the name of political unity and a strong government.

Keywords: – Political, Government, Minority, Community, Inequality, Corruption.

Rekha Sharma1*, Suresh Kumar2