Discrete SV PWM Simulation Based Speed Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor


Electric drives have a wide application in the industry and as well as other applications. Induction motors are the most rugged and widely used motors everywhere be it single or three phases. Pulse Width Modulation variable speed drives are increasingly applied in many new industrial applications where there is a need for superior performance. Recently, developments in power electronics and semiconductor technology have lead improvements in power electronic systems. Hence, different circuit configurations namely multilevel inverters have become popular and considerable interest by researcher are given on them. Variable voltage and frequency supply to ac drives is invariably obtained from a three-phase voltage source inverter. A number of Pulse width modulation (PWM) schemes are used to obtain variable voltage and frequency supply. One of the most widely used PWM schemes for three-phase voltage source inverters is Space Vector PWM (SV PWM). There is an increasing trend of using Space Vector PWM (SV PWM) because of their easier digital realization and better dc bus utilization. In this work with the method of SV PWM, lower order harmonics are minimized along with its output voltage control and also the higher order harmonics are filtered easily, so the filtering requirements are minimized.  Simulation plays an important role in modelling and understanding of any work before they are actually being implemented on hardware. Simulation results are obtained using appropriate software environment by careful modelling and trial runs, which can be further used for the improvement in the work.

Keywords: 3phase induction motor, SVPWM, Speed control, Harmonics, SIMULINK/MATLAB.

Gaurav Rajoria, Garima Goswami, Pankaj Kumar Goswami

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