Visit Of Space: Quantum To Material Objects

This research work is based on the concept of greatest American astrophysicist John oppenheimer who had proclaimed that in coming five Billion years there will be no Sun in the space, and the survival of all living bodies and other natural resources will be on stake. As per concept of Albert Einstein, velocity of the light is maximum and no other particle can move faster than velocity of light. In case of black hole, it has been an established fact that even bundles of light each compel to pass throw it. The total radiator light is absorbed by that very black hole. Kerr has been such a mathematician who has done a lot regarding energy extraction and radiation of energy from a black hole. According to this scientist if angular momentum a=0 i.e. angular momentum is 0. This black hole is said to be a Kerr black hole. In the case of Kerr black hole the magnitude of spin quantum in supposed to be minimum and in between event horizons and ergo sphere. It has been an evident fact that fission and fusion process hues amount of energy is radiated from Kerr black hole
Keywords: Space, Time, Kerr metric, Kerr black hole, Relativity.

Dr. Shobha Lal

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