Study of freshwater desmid algae from machagora dam of chhindwara district, mp india


With the objective of investigations, the 6 genera of Closterium cosmarium, Desmidium, Euastrum, Pleurotaenium and Staurastrum, four collection stations (A, B, C, D) along the Machagora Dam were set for us. This resulted in the research work all these genera were recorded for the first time from this study region. The present work will be carried out in June 2020 to June 2021. Samples were preserved with 4% formalin solution. The qualitative analysis was done by compound microscope 06 genera of the class Chlorophyceae were described each one illustrated by means of photomicrography and ocular micrometer

Keyword: – Desmid, Machagora Dam, Freshwater, Algae, Microalgae, cosmerium.

Sunamika Dhurve1*, K. W. Shah2, Pramod Patil3, R. Upadhyay4