Comparative study of the chlorophyll content of the leaves of some commercially available plants and their extracts


Chlorophyll, Nature’s gift pigment, gives green color to plants. There is an elevating demand for natural color in the food and cosmetic industry. As chlorophyll is a green pigment and reported to have a series of health benefits, its importance as natural color is increasing in the market. Even though chlorophyll is available in all the plants; industry is looking for commercially viable source for making chlorophyll products. In this study, some commercially available plants are compared for their chlorophyll content using UV-Visible Spectrophotometry. The yield and chlorophyll content of the extracts made from these plants were also estimated. Chlorophyll content was found to be highest in Bamboo leaves. The yield and chlorophyll content of the extract were also found to be high in the extract made from Bamboo leaves.

Keywords: – Chlorophyll, UV-Visible Spectrophotometry.

Sreeja, P. C.1*, Aswathy, C. S.2, Prasobh Prasad3