Simplifying the steps of social research for better understanding


Research is the major source of knowledge. Research is as old as man. Man needs to used the social research to understand the happenings around him and provide a reliable solution to a problem or innovate something that will help the humanity at large. For instance, it was the research that gave birth to the invention of the electronic devices we are using nowadays. The industrial revolution that led to the creations of many industries was the products of the research made by the firm owners. What about today? Is Elon Musk not using the scientific research to discover that the space is survivable? This paper will give and answer to these questions by explaining to the reader’s steps taken by the well known scientists to discover a body of knowledge, and then transform it to what we now called Astronomy, Astrology, Mathematics, Sociology, etc.

The methodology used in this paper is to simply the hard terms that are not easy to be comprehend by the students of research. Whereas, clear examples that will give an image to the reader were outlined. This paper is the motivation to the researchers on the steps to follow to make discoveries more extensively. The steps are eleven in number. They are very simple if the reader endures to read them carefully. In the end, the paper maintained that if a researcher follows the steps explained in this paper he/she will undergo an easy-going research journey with accurate result at the end.

Keywords: – Social Research, Methodology, Hypothesis, Causes, Reasons, Solutions.

Sulaiman Ayuba*