Security Challenges & Solutions In Cloud Computing Environment


As the technology becomes an advance and transform business functions, more organizations are diverted from maintaining the data in traditional to transfer their data into the cloud. Cloud provider support for easy accessibility to servers, application services and databases that helps the organizations to make them free from storing, managing and sharing information. The cloud computing provides businesses flexibility and easy access to data anytime and anywhere. In such case the organizations are dependent on the cloud providers. Cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google etc. have a strong security measures but it having some security breaches. Cloud based applications itself are very secure but when they are interact with each other in that case it may be possible user data to be exposed in the process. Day by day the complexity increase in the systems and threats are real on data. To maintain a high quality security standard the organization has to continuous at regular time interval the penetration testing and security testing should be performed. Organizations choose as per their need SaaS, IaaS and PaaS platforms for their corporate environment, due to the security and compliance with regulatory requirements at a cloud platform. This paper discusses various security aspects of cloud computing environment.

Keywords: – Cloud computing, SaaS, private cloud.

Prashant P. Pittalia

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