A Survey On Role Of Chemistry In Our Surroundings


Human venture are known to affect our surrounding. Major twentieth and twenty-first century environmental issues include slump of air quality [mist, photochemical production of smog and tropospheric ozone, many more), impecunious water quality (due to liberate of pollutants to water bodies), extensive pesticide usage, acid precipitation which evolve from coal combustion that escort to SO2 , one of the major issue is ozone layer depletion (because of extensive  manoeuvre of ozone depleting materials like chlorofluorocarbons), etc. Some of these problems have been successfully tackled via national & regional legislations, also international agreements, provision of alternatives, or changes in people’s expectations and behavior. Although climate change due to outpouring of anthropogenic greenhouse gases and many more chemicals into the atmosphere is now conceded to be one of the major as-yet-unsolved challenges facing humanity in the forthcoming period of 10 years and centuries. The results of anthropogenic climate change are slow in approach, it is few times difficult to see the gesture above natural variability, and influence are integrate to almost all basic needs of society, like energy production and utilization, food security, and infrastructure. That’s the reason; it is a very challenging problem for society. Although, when it is harsh to see changes above variability & noise, it is stiff to take action, especially when the results may be visible only in the distant future. Many more, the issue need making choices between very important social behavior and economic factors. Thus, it is clearer than eternally that anthropogenic climate change is an issue to be conjecture with.

Keywords: – anthropogenic climate change, tropospheric ozone, impecunious water quality.

Jyoti Singh

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