Leaf Extract Assisted Synthesis Of Titanium Doped Tin Nanoparticle, Determination Of Ph & Electrical Conductivity And Recommendation Of Fertilizer


In this research paper we introduce leaf extract mediated synthesis of Titanium doped tin nanoparticle .Here Barmuda grass used as a bioreducing agent. This work reports a simple, novel, cost effective and eco-friendly synthesis of titanium doped tin nanoparticles using green synthesis. Wide range of experimental conditions has been adopted in this process and its X-Ray diffraction characterizations have been studied the synthesized Titanium doped nanoparticle were characterized using various microscopic and spectroscopic techniques. It was found that with increasing amounts of plant extract, the size of the NPs was decreased. The synthesised nanoparticles are used for various measurements such as acidicity and salinity of soil, conductivity measurement and different mineral ion concentration. A basic soil test  gives readings for soil pH, Carbon, potassium, sulphur , boron  levels is sufficient for most  crops such as Cotton, sugar beet, cereals, and grain The sample (soil) show pH 5.748 which indicates the soil is moderately acid.

Keywords: – Tin NPs, Leaf extract, Electrical conductivity.

Ravindra Singh, Ashutosh Tiwari, Preeti Dhattarwal

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