A systematic review on involvement of medicinal physics tools, techniques and effect of other parameters in diagnosis of novel corona virus, SARS-CoV-2


In this paper we focused Physics-based tools and methods which play an enormous role in understanding structural features and functions of viral particles as well as their effect on the body. Physics primarily based totally strategies likes X-RAY, CT Scans, Cryo-Electron Microscopy, MRI are the principle equipment which might be pretty contain in analysis of Novel corona virus. The substantial majority of biological macromolecule structures are obtained by X-ray crystallography. In this paper we centered all equipment and method at the side of impact of bodily circumstance like temperature & humidity in remedy of Covid -19. The maximum suitable method to govern this contamination is to quarantine humans and isolate symptomatic humans. Medicinal physics and structural Biology has a first rate significance in growing one of a kind fast check method and launching vaccine. Chest CT has a potential role in the diagnosis, detection of complications, and prognostication of Covid-19. Primary level analysis of COVID-19 is essential for its manage and prevention from network spread. Compared to RT-PCR, chest CT imaging may be a more reliable, practical and rapid method to diagnose and assess COVID-19, especially in the epidemic area. Computed tomography (CT) has been said as an essential device to discover and look into suspected sufferers with COVID-19 ailment at early level. AI would possibly assist radiologists to distinguish COVID-19 from different pneumonia diseases.

Keywords: – SARS-COV-2, CT Scans, M.R.I, X-ray, RT-PCR, Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ashutosh Tiwari*