Coronal mass ejections in relation with radio burst related geomagnetic storms and sun spot


In this paper we have selected radio burst related geomagnetic storms of magnitude ≤-90nT from 1997-2012 (i.e. solar cycle 23&24). For this period we have found 42 geomagnetic storms and most of the geomagnetic storms are associated with halo and partial halo coronal mass ejections (CMEs) with association rate 67.57% and 32.43% respectively. Statistical analyses are performed to examine the relationship of magnitude of geomagnetic storms and speed of CME we observed weak correlation (0.28) between these two events. Further we have selected the average number of sunspot and find the statistical relation with average speed of radio burst related geomagnetic storms CMEs. We observed with statistical results of annual correlation between sun spot number (SSN) and halo and partial halo CMEs is 0.16 and 0.49 respectively and can be represented by a linear regression equation.

Keyword: – Coronal mass ejections, SSN, Geomagnetic storms. Preetam Singh Gour1*, Nitin P Singh2, Shiva Soni3