A comprehensive review on credit card fraud detection using machine learning techniques


The rapid advancement in E-Commerce industry has led to an exponential increase in the use of credit cards for online purchasing and consequently they have been surging in the fraud related to it .In recent years, For banks has become very difficult for detecting the fraud in credit card system and online banking and a large financial loss has greatly affected persons and also merchants and banks. Basically, Fraud is an unlawful way to obtain commodities and resources. The goal of such illegal transaction might be to get yield without paying or gaining an unconstitutional access to an account. That’s why there is a need for an efficient technique that can be used for detecting the credit card fraud. Machine learning algorithms play an important role for detecting the credit card fraud in transactions.

Keywords: – ANN, Random forest, SVM, Regression, Classification.

Arvind Rawat1, Sandeep Kumar Tiwari2*