A survey paper on quick response codes and its image pre-processing methods based on steganography


Quick Response codes or QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can be scanned by mobile phone with embedded camera. In the automatic identification fields QR code has been widely. Picture steganography pictures are to establish the information of the mystery to such an extent that its reality cannot be recognized by the sender and other people separated from the recipient. Security of the secret information has been a challenge when a large amount of data is exchanged on the internet.  Protected exchanges of data can be especially accomplished by steganography and cryptography. Steganography is a tool to hide data inside a photograph. Cryptography is a tool that provides encryption systems to verify correspondence. These codes can be used to provide fast access to URL, an SMS message, a phone number, a V-card, or any text and QR codes can hold much more information than a regular barcode. This paper displays a review of various steganography processes with various strategies used in writing. Similarly, some different methods were used, for example, different papers on LWT, DCT, DWT, RSTEG, and SSHDT so on. The work demonstrates the result that steganography has played an exceptional role in the various appliance.  It increased the level of information security with wide use of its techniques.

Keywords: – Steganography, Quick Response Codes (QR), Information Hiding In QR Code, Types Of QR Code.

Jyoti Arya1, Sandeep Kumar Tiwari2*