Water Pollution And Human Health Hazards


Water is essential component of the environment and it sustains life on the earth. Water is raw material for ‘Photosynthesis and therefore very important for over 98% of the from water on the earth lies for crop production below its surface. The remaining 2% is in the form of lakes, rivers, streams and reservoirs. Of the fresh water below the surface, about 90/ satisfies the description of ground water, that is , water table. About 2/ water occur as soil moisture in the unsaturated zone above the water table and is essential for plant growth. Different parameters of water have been analyzed and assessed the suitability of drinking water in public hygiene scenario. Some parameters are prescribed by ISI and WHO while other are beyond the limits.

Key words: surface and ground water and health hazards

Naveen kumar singh, Sandeep gangrade, Savita chauhan

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