Theoretical Study Of Geomagnetic Storms With CMEs And Solar Flares


In this article we have taken the data of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), solar flares and geomagnetic storms (GMS) for the period 2000-2010. For this time duration we have found 31 geomagnetic storms events, out of which 29 (93.54%) geomagnetic storms are associated with CMEs. Out of 29 geomagnetic storms 20 (68.96%) are associated with halo CMES and 9 (31.03%) are associated with partial halo CMEs. Again we observe that all the geomagnetic storms are associated with solar flares of different categories but most of the geomagnetic storms (64.51%) are related to M class X-ray solar flares. We have found the positive weak correlation between magnitude of geomagnetic storms and coronal mass ejections with correlation coefficient 0.13 between these two events.

Keywords: – Coronal mass ejections, Geomagnetic storms, Solar flares.

Preetam Singh Gour, Shiva Soni

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