Statistical Study Of Coronal Mass Ejections And Solar Flares


In this article we have reported the data of coronal mass ejections and solar flares of different categories during the period 2004-2013. By the analysis of data we have found 26 coronal mass ejections (CMEs) out of which 5 partial halo coronal mass ejections and 21 halo coronal mass ejections have been found. Out of 26 CMEs, 25 are associated with different categories of solar flares and the association rate is 48% are related to M class solar flare, 20% are related to B and C class solar flares and 12% are related to X class solar flares. By the analysis we have found the negative correlation between CMEs and B and C class solar flares with correlation coefficient -0.25 and -0.22 respectively. Again we have found the positive correlation between CMEs and M and X class solar flares with correlation coefficient 0.71 and 0.72 respectively. We have concluded that coronal mass ejections are strongly related to M class and X class solar flares statistically but most of the CMEs are associated with M class X-ray solar flares intensity.

Keywords: – Coronal mass ejections, Solar flares, Solar flare intensity.

Preetam Singh Gour, Shiva Soni

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