Noisy Satellite Image Contrast Enhancement Using Median Filter, DWT–SVD And MMBEBHE Based Method


Satellite image is utilized as a part of numerous applications, for example, geo sciences studies, astronomy and geological data frameworks. The most essential quality considers images originated from its determination. The satellite image improvement method utilizing Discrete Wavelet Transform and Singular Value Decomposition. This Techniques breaks down the information image into four frequency sub band by utilizing Discrete Wavelet Transform and furthermore ascertain the Singular Value Matrix of the Low-Low Sub band images and adjust the improved images through Inverse Discrete Wavelet Transform. In this work we have developed an improved version of this method. The conventional method uses global histogram equalization (GHE) in its processing. In the improved method we have applied median filter for noise removal also we have replaced GHE with minimum mean brightness error bi-histogram equalization method. Experimental results show that the improved method works better than the conventional DWT-SVD-GHE based method.

Keywords:- histogram equalization, contrast enhancement, brightness preservation, singular value decomposition, discrete wavelet transform

Preeti Gupta, Deepak Agarawal

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