Loss Of Job Security And Its Impact On Employee Performance – A Study In Sultanate Of Oman


Every employee looks for a modicum of security and safety of his or her employment and this has been widely recognized as one of the key factors impacting employee commitment and performance. Loss of job security leads to several other issues such as low motivation, love commitment and in some cases, even depression and other physical ailments. Globalization and its accompanying elements have led to a reduction in job security all over the world, and lifelong employment is largely restricted only to the public sector. Due to increasing cost cutting and trimming by organizations to become leaner and fitter, jobs become the first casualty. These conditions are magnified in the case of employees who are temporarily employed on time bound contracts. Expatriates are also subject to severe problems on this account.

The present study is an attempt to study the factors impact of the loss of job security on employee performance and employee satisfaction. It also analyzes the relation between the labor market status of employees and their concern about loss of job security. T- tests have been sued to test the relation between these variables. The study concluded that there is a significant effect of job security on employee performance and satisfaction. It is one of the few studies to be conducted in this field in the Sultanate of Oman.

Keywords: Employee satisfaction, employee performance, job satisfaction, Sultanate of Oman.

Shouvik Sanyal, Mohammed Wamique Hisam, Zainab Aqeel BaOmar