Correlative study of partial and halo CMEs with sunspots number during the solar cycle 24


Sunspots and CMEs is one of the most important activities in the sun. The Number of Sunspots (SSNs) are interesting aspects of the sun. In this study we found that solar cycle rises with the SSNs increases and the solar cycle decelerates with the SSNs decreases. The solar cycle 24 had a rising face from 2008 to 2014 while the declining face from 2014 to 2019. Number of SSNs increased by 49.5 to 1363.3 in rising face while the number SSNs reduced from 1363.3 to 84.1 in declining face. The CMEs are powerful eruptions on the sun’s surface. In this study the angular width of 360° was considered for full Halo CMEs while 121°-359° was considered partial Halo CMEs. During rising face number of Halo CMEs increases from 1-69 and partial Halo CMEs increases from 12-265 while in declining face Halo CMEs reduced from 69 to 01 and partial Halo CMEs reduced from 265 to 03 and also, we have found that good correlation ship between CMEs and SSNs.

Keywords: – Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), Sunspots Numbers (SSNs), Solar Cycle, Halo CMEs, Partial CMEs.

Nand Kumar Patel1*, Puspraj Singh2, Shivagopal Singh3, Preetam Singh Gour4