Cloud Computing in Higher Education: Applications and Future Perspectives


Higher Education landscape around the world is in a constant state of flux and evolution, mainly as a result of significant challenges arising from efforts in adopting new and emerging technologies. Technology offers new opportunities in enhancing teaching and learning. The new technologies enable individuals to personalize the environment in which they work or learn a range of tools to meet their interests and needs. In this paper, we try to explore the salient features of the nature and educational potential of ‘cloud computing’ in order to exploit the affordance of Cloud computing in teaching and learning in a higher education context. Education today is becoming completely associated with the Information Technology on the content delivery, communication and collaboration. The need for servers, storage and software are highly demanding in the universities, colleges and schools. Although, the adoption of cloud computing promises various benefits to an organization, a successful adoption of cloud computing in an organization, particularly in educational institutes requires an understanding of different dynamics and expertise in diverse domains. This paper aims at a roadmap of Cloud Computing for Higher Education (CCHE) which provides with a number of steps for adopting cloud computing.

Keywords: – Cloud computing, Migration.

P. L. Verma1*, Shivendra Kumar Dwivedi2