A Review On Power Quality Control For Non Linear Loads


In recent years non linear loads are widely used in domestic or industrial purpose because of these non linear loads different types of issues arise in our system like voltage sag, swell, harmonics, power factor etc. so different types of methods are being used resolve the problems. The increasing consumption of the nonlinear loads e.g. rectifiers, power electronic converters and modern industrial automation development cause various unexpected events in the power system. These loads draw currents with the lag power factor, and rise harmonics and reactive power in an electric power supply. This behavior leads to a voltage distortion and affects on other loads connected to the same point. The loads are unbalanced and nonlinear & may draw harmonic currents. Moreover, results also presented for reactive power and non-linear load compensation. Here researcher used different methods for power quality control and twenty five papers for the power quality control.

Keywords:- DSTATCOM,Powerquality MATLAB/SIMULATION, THD, Active power filters.

Khushbu Chaturvedi, Garima Goswami, Pankaj Kr. Goswami