Comparative experimental study of radiation shielding parameters H.V.T & attenuation coefficient of β particle in  60Co and 22Na


In this research we work with radioactive source to learn about attenuation of radiation by different material. Effect of radiation is harmful for human tissue but here with safety measures we use these radiations for investigation of various parameters of different sample. Here we are interested to find Attenuation of beta particles in a thin layer of an absorber and find half value thickness of absorbing material sample. In the present work half value thickness and attenuation coefficient of various sample like Al-foil, Gift wrapper, and paper foil has been reported and calculated experimentally. In the present investigation we calculated the values of linear attenuation coefficient and half value thickness (HVT) of β+ and β-in Co and Na. We estimated Half value thickness of β- Particle in Co = 134± 1mg/cm2, Half value thickness of β+ particle in Na = 373±2 mg/cm2. It is found that Half Value thickness of any sources does not depend on material but it depends on material thickness. The results of this investigation have shown that, the Attenuation coefficient of β+ particle by Al foil =0.0015 Attenuation coefficient of β+ particle by Paper foil = 0.0013, Attenuation coefficient of β+ particle by gift wrapper = 0.0015.The Attenuation coefficient of β- by Al foil, Paper foil and gift wrapper is 0.0060, 0.0057 and 0.0060 respectively. The attenuation coefficients are an important parameter for characterizing the penetration and attenuation properties of alpha, beta and gamma rays in materials.

Keywords: – Half Value Layer (HVL), Linear Attenuation Coefficient, Tenth Value Thickness (TVL).

Rehana Bi1, Ashutosh Tiwari2*, Preetam Singh Gour3