Effect of Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Residues on Overcoming Salinity Stress in Crop Plants


Natural and anthropogenic salinity stress is detrimental to all type of crops and vegetation’s, except few which turned to be halophytes that deals with salt through excluding salt entry into the roots, or by separating and storing salt into their cell, example succulent halophytes, many halophytes referred as recretohalophytes contain salt gland that secrete salt out of the plants. Plants have various natural ways to overcome salinity stress and improve their productivity and performances. Most of the scientific research focus on the effect of salts on plants, but the present research emphasis to screen potential agricultural and pharmaceutical residue or wastes in overcoming salt stress on plants as they are rich source of nitrogen and improve the plants performances. Agricultural residue always affects the subsequent vegetation if not treated or neutralized properly and frequently move to water bodies by runoff. Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) after expiration are directly released into sewers due to which a very important mineral nitrogen is wasted, which could act as a salt stress buster in plants.

Keywords- Halophytes, Glycophytes, Influx, ROS- Reactive Oxygen Species.

Shobhit Saxena1*, Nakuleshwar Dut Jasuja2

1Research Scholar, School of Basic and Applied Sciences, Nirwan University, Jaipur-303305, Raj., India  

2Professor and Dean, School of Allied Health Sciences, Nirwan University, Jaipur-303305, Raj., India