Practical RGB Layered Method Of Data Hiding Using Image Steganography


Hiding information with technique of steganography provides that security of the data. The huge challenge here for computer users is security and confidentiality of the message transfers through different media. Therefore, this paper proposed red-green-blue (RGB) layer method for security of information which includes encryption and decryption algorithm (DES) and LSB techniques. LSB stands for least significant bit (LSB) coding is the simplest way to embed information. Image steganography is a techniques used to transmit hidden information by combining with cover image to give stego-image that  provides a new way of securing the information to avoid disruption in transmission over network and implemented in MATLAB. So, the result implies the security of hiding information process.

Keywords:- Steganography, Cryptography, DES, Image, LSB, RGB.

G. W. Wagaye, F. M. G. Yohans