Multicomponent Synthesis Of 2-Amino-4H-Chromenes Using SLS As Catalyst Under Solvent Free Condition


An improved, simple and facile synthesis of 2-amino-4H-chromene derivatives by applying one-pot, three-component condensation reaction of substituted aromatic aldehydes, β-naphthol and malononitrile in solvent free condition has been carried out in the presence of catalyst Sodium LourylSulphat (SLS). These chromenes derivatives need short reaction times, are non-toxic and easy to work-up, hence making this process environment-friendly. A detail mechanistic study shows that the reaction using malononitrile proceeds through intermediate.

Key words: Multicomponent synthesis, SLS-catalyst, solvent free condition, non-toxic, environmental friendly.

Rita Singh, D.D. Agarwal, M.C. Agarwal

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