A Review Of Widely Used Histogram Equalization Based Image Enhancement Methods


In the field of Digital Image Processing, contrast upgrade is the critical element which can improve the complexity of image dealing applications successfully. Histogram Equalization is the straightforward and generally known procedure for improving contrast of image that prompts the presence of image brighter. Histogram Equalization is not known as the best strategy for contrast improvement as it experiences the advantage of “mean-shift” issue i.e. Rather than mean brightness of input image, mean brightness is dependably in the center dark level. Different strategies are created that by one means or another tries to defeat the disadvantage of customary Histogram Equalization, for example, BBHE, DSIHE, and RSIHE. This paper gives survey of these distinctive procedures.

Keywords: – Histogram Equalization, Contrast Enhancement, Brightness Preservation.

Preeti Gupta, Deepak Agarawal

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