Analysis of coronal mass ejections and solar flares


The Sun is the most conspicuous element in our nearby planet group and contains around 98% of the all out planetary group mass. In this work we have selected those CME events which are having velocity >=500 Km/s with an apparent width of 3600 during the period from 2008-2019 (SC24).Within this time frame we have observed 201 CME events and corresponding solar flare events were 183 of different categories most of the flares observed was C class flares (47.5%). Further we have observed that there were no CME events for the year 2008, 2009, 2018 and 2019. The peak of SC24 was observed on April 2014 with 23 months smoothed sunspot number 81.8. By extracting the data of CMEs and flare events from SOHO/LASCO catalog and NOAA and do the statistical analysis and find out the correlation between CMEs and solar flares of different categories.CME events with B class and C class flares not having any correlation but M class flares have positive correlation with correlation coefficient 0.38. Further CME events are moderately correlated with X class solar flares with correlation coefficient 0.45.

Keywords: – CMEs, Solar flares, Solar cycle.

Mahindra Kumari Meena1*, Ashish Kumar Meena2, Preetam Singh Gour3