A study on youths’ perception towards bond funds: a case study

Now days a Bond fund is the One of the best options of Investment. Bond fund are said to be the best options for mobilizing the funds of the teenagers contribute significantly to the capital markets. The present study explains briefly
about the bond fund industry. The study also helps to know the role of investment mode and preferences of teenagers
behind investing in bond fund. Financial markets are constantly becoming more efficient by providing more promising
solutions to the teenagers. Being a part of financial markets although bond funds industry is responding very fast by
knowing the dynamics of venture capitalists’ perception towards rewards, still they are continuously following this race in their endeavor to differentiate their products responding to sudden changes in the economy. Thus, it is high time to know and analyze venture capitalists’ perception and expectations, and unveil some extremely valuable information to support financial decision making of bond funds. In few years Bond fund has emerged as a tool for ensuring one’s financial wellbeing. Bond funds have not only contributed to the India growth story but have also helped families tap into the success of Indian Industry. As information and awareness is rising more and more people are enjoying the benefits of investing in bond funds. In India, when thinking about investment, the first and foremost challenge that all teenagers face is an overabundance of options. From bonds to fixed deposits, gold to stocks, money market securities and a combination of all these, each has its set of benefits and challenges. Furthermore, teenagers need to consider the time horizon of their investments, risk appetite and returns based on the goals they want to achieve.
Keywords: – Bond fund, Teenagers, Perception, NAV, SIP.

Anurag Verma1, Manish Kumar2, Krishna Pal Singh3*, Gunjan Verma4