A comprehensive review on crop yield prediction using data mining & machine learning techniques


Agriculture is the main concern and emerging field for research in every country. In India the population is increasing very rapidly with increase in population the need for the food is also increasing.In agriculture sector where farmers and agribusinesses have to make numerous decisions every day and intricate complexities involves the various factors influencing them. An essential issue for agricultural planning intention is the accurate yield estimation for the numerous crops involved in the planning. Machine learning techniques are necessary approach for accomplishing practical and effective solutions for this problem. Agriculture has been an obvious target for big data. Environmental conditions, variability in soil, input levels, combinations and commodity prices have made it all the more relevant for farmers to use information and get help to make critical farming decisions.

Keywords: – ANN, SVM, Decision tree, Clustering, Association rule mining.

Shalu Kushwah1, Sandeep K. Tiwari2*, Anand Singh Bisen3