Study of solar parameter and interplanetary medium with geomagnetic parameter on the solar cycle 24


We have studied the trend of solar interplanetary with geomagnetic indices during solar cycle 24 move upward phase of recent cycle. The sunspot number (Rz), interplanetary magnetic field and geomagnetic indices indicate a trend during solar cycle 24. In the solar cycle 24, the sunspot numbers (Rz), IMF and geomagnetic indices represent the periodic nature, with a low peak. We found a positive correlation among sunspots numbers (Rz), IMF and geomagnetic indices. This means that during this period there is a large difference between the maximum and minimum. Solar cycle 24 had a smaller magnitude of the cosmic ray decrease in the present cycle. Through continuous wavelet transform, we found that IMF, sunspot number, and indices all have the highest variability from beginning of cycle to end of cycle. We suggest that these unique condition of solar interplanetary with geomagnetic indices have originated from solar activity

Keywords: – Sunspot Numbers, Interplanetary magnetic field (IMF), geomagnetic indices.

Sanjay Goyal1*, Deepak Kumar Chaurasiya2, Pankaj Kumar Shrivatava3