Printing Ink Technology And Manufacturing


Today’s printing inks are composed of a pigment a binder (an oil, resin or varnish of some kind), a solvent and various additives such as drying and chelating agents.  The exact recipe for a given ink depends on the type of surface that it will be printing on and the printing method that will be used.  Inks have been designed to print on a wide range of surface metals, plastics and fabrics through to papers.  Different inks are produced to suit these different conditions.

Printing inks are made of four basic components:

  • Pigments – to colour the ink and make it opaque
  • Resins – which bind the ink together into a film and bind it to the printed surface
  • Solvents – to make the ink flow so that it can be transferred to the printing surface
  • Additives – which alter the physical properties of the ink to suit different situations

Keywords: pigment, Resins, Additives.

Annu Rani

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