Odour Monitoring And Management In Municipal Landfill Site


Odour is defined as perception of unpleasant smell, by certain substances, in very small concentrations, to stimulate chemical sense receptors (sense of olfaction). Landfill sites for municipal solid waste management is the one of the many odour generating activities, which affects the quality of life, particularly residential areas in the neighbourhood. Complaints about unpleasant odour are frequently received from nearby localities that are affected due odourous nature of activities in landfill sites. So that it is necessary to control, monitor and manage landfill site to reduce odour. To begin with one needs to identify the odour source(s) and generation cycle of odour to be investigated before suggesting/adopting suitable remedial measures, regulations for sampling & monitoring techniques.

Keywords: Odour, solid waste management, Landfill sites.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Swarnkar

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