M-HABE: A New Access Control Method For Secure Cloud Computing On Mobile Devices


In current scenarios, cloud computing gaining a great drive and plays a significant role in improving the infrastructure of internet computing. It’s a developing technology but however it’s a very challenging to integrate cloud computing in mobile devices. With integration, Mobile Cloud Computing (MCC) facing security issues like user authority, data confidentiality, etc. MCC is an essential technology in current environment as it became one of the main processing devices for the users now-a-days. Recent studies on this aspect are not yet efficient in eliminating the security issues. So, this research paper presents an effective safe and secure hierarchical access control method known as M-HABE (Modified Hierarchical Attribute-Based Encryption) and a modified three-layer structure. This proposed solution enables the users to control and monitor their enormous sensitive data from mobile devices from unauthorized third party. This new method mainly concentrates on the data storing, processing and accessing where it make sure that only the user with legal authorities get access to information and restricts the unauthorized users. Finally, this research clearly explains the introduced method through Java technology. Hence, the proposed method will be very suitable for the mobile cloud computing in securing user data.

Keywords: – Cloud computing, Mobile cloud computing, M-HABE, access control.

Barkha Nandwana

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