Identification Of Students Misconceptions Regarding Chemical Bonding And Their Remediation: A Study On 11th Grade Students In India


The purpose of this study was to explore the misconceptions of 11th grade students of six Indian Schools concerning the topic of ‘chemical bonding’ and to remediate them using conceptual change and analogy method. A diagnostic test based on 9 concepts of chemical bonding was prepared with an aim of identifying students’ misconceptions. Conceptual change texts were prepared to activate students’ preconcepts and misconceptions and to help them understand chemical bonding concepts through the use of explanations, analogies and examples.  The study was focused towards evaluating effectiveness of the remedial measure in removing the misconceptions. The results revealed that 1) the diagnostic instrument was effective in identifying the misconceptions & 2) conceptual change–oriented instruction produced a positive effect on students’ understanding of chemical bonding concepts and in the removal of their misconceptions.  The study was limited to 200 students.

Keywords: Misconceptions, diagnostic test, Conceptual Change Text, Analogy Method, Misconceptions in Chemical Bonding, Remediation of Misconceptions, Alternative Conceptions.

Jaya Parekh, Dr Archana Kushwaha & Dr. Brijesh Pare

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