Chemical constituents and medicinal properties of tinosporacordifolia(giloy)


Medicinal plants, because of their therapeutic value have been used by mankind since beginning of human civilization. Huge number of modern drugs has been isolated from medicinal plants. An impressive interest always exist in exploring bioceuticals from plant extracts to put back synthetic drugs because of their adverse effects and also for economic point of view. Tinosporacordifolia (Giloy) is a largely used shrub in folk and Ayurvedic system of medicine across India. Tinospora cordifoliais one of the most important medicinal plant frequently called ‘Giloy’ belonging to the menispermaceae family. The purpose of present review is to summarize the information concerning chemical constituents and medicinal properties of Tinospora cordifoliaplant.

Keywords: – Medicinal plants, Tinospora Cordifolia, Bioceuticals, Alternative Medicine.

Priya Darshan1*, Ashutosh Singh2, Ambuj Agarwal3