A U-Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna With Pbg Structure For Bandwidth Enhancement


Microstrip patch antennas have a rapid growth of its importance in the field of wireless communication due to ease of fabrication and versatility of possible geometries. It is still being the part of development, to design a suitable antenna of high bandwidth with compact geometry for commercial applications. The purpose of this paper is to design a compact size high bandwidth microstrip patch antenna with promising efficiency for wire-less applications. A U-shape microstrip patch antenna, operating in dual band, with PBG structure is proposed. A U-shape probe feed antenna with photonic band gap structure on ground plane could be able to improve bandwidth about 32.26% in the band of frequency 1.6-2.4 GHz & about 23.75 % in the band of frequency 3.7-4.7 GHz. The results are simulated & depicted with the help of full wave simulator IE3D V9.0.

Keywords: microstrip antenna; photonic bandgap structure; bandwidth; probe feed antenna.

Manoj Kumar Sain, Ms Shubhi Jain, Pankaj Kumar Goswami, Ms Garima Goswami

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