A Comparative Study On Effective Improvement In Bandwidth Of Modified Geometry Square Patch Antenna Using Band Gap Structure Formation

The purpose of this paper is to design a compact size high bandwidth microstrip patch antenna with promising efficiency for various wireless applications. A modified antenna design is proposed to enhance the bandwidth of 30×30 mm rectangular patch antenna via conversion of rectangular patch into U- shape. It is found that bandwidth is improved significantly whereas the addition of square PBG structure on ground plane and a parasitic rectangular patch on top surface provide a very good improvement in bandwidth keeping other parameters satisfied. The MOM (method of moment) based technique is used to analyze proposed antenna. The proposed antenna design is able to improve bandwidth about 39.51% in the band of frequency 1.5-2.3 GHz with centre frequency 2.029 GHz.
Keywords: microstrip antenna, photonic bandgap structure, bandwidth, probe feed antenna, MOM.

Priyanka Sharma, Sudhir Kumar Sharma

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