A Comparative Study Of Harmonic Reduction Technique For Non-Linear Load Applications


In this paper,three controllers are designed in order to reduce the total harmonic distortion in the system. These controllers are specially designed to operate in collaboration with non linear loads. Non linear loads are mostly responsible for the generation of harmonics in the system and create a number of power quality problems.  Hence it becomes necessary to control the harmonic content in the system. Initially a model is designed on MATLAB/Simulink with linear load which resulted in THD content of less than 1%. Another model designed with non linear load shows THD 146.6%. To reduce this harmonic content three controllers are used and a comparative analysis is carried out. Three controllers are low pass filter (LPF), high pass filter (HPF) and proportional integral & derivative (PID) controller which reduces the THD to 11.05%, 5.548% and 4.75% respectively. Hence it is found that PID controller proved out to be the best among all converters.

Keywords: Harmonics, Power Quality, MATLAB/Simulink, HPF, LPF, PID controller.

Anjali Solanki, Garima Goswami, Pankaj Kr. Goswami

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